Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Top 5 Cable Installer Interview Questions And Answers PDF

Real Time Cable Installer Interview Questions with Answers PDF

1. On a typical day, what are your work activities on the whole?
Each day is different. No day is typical really. However, some of the jobs that I perform on a regular basis include troubleshooting cabling problems, installing new cables, removing old ones and modifying, adjusting and replacing malfunctioning equipment.

2. What type of skills do you offer as a cable installer?
I am extremely dexterous when it comes to physical work. I can climb high poles and work in cramped areas with ease. I am also proficient in handling tools and equipment to help me during troubleshooting and installation processes. Furthermore, I am extremely well-versed in managing routine maintenance of structured cabling systems.

3. Doesn’t it bother you to climb high poles and work in confined spaces?
It doesn’t actually. Climbing distances upwards and working in claustrophobic areas is all in a day’s work for cable installers. I am trained in keeping my cool even when a certain situation does seem threatening to me.

4. Do you think customer education is important in this role? Why or why not?
Customer education is very important. This is because it minimizes downtime of their equipment and makes it easy for cable installers to understand and troubleshoot problems, when customers describe them.

Latest Cable Installer Interview Questions for freshers and Experienced pdf

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