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10 Top Concrete Technology Interview Questions And Answers PDF

Real Time Concrete Technology Interview Questions with Answers PDF

1)  What are all the types of cement?
o Ordinary Portland cement
o OPC33,OPC43 and OPC53 grade
o Rapid hardening cement
o Extra rapid hardening cement
o Sulphate resisting cement
o Portland slag cement
o Quick setting cement
o Low heat cement
o Portland pazzolona cement
o Air entraining cement
o  Colored cement

2)  Differentiate dry process and wet process of manufacturing cement? Process
?        Lime stone and clay are ground to fine powder separately and are mixed together
?        Water is added to make a thick paste which contains 14% of moisture
?        The paste format are dried and off charged into a rotary kiln
?        The product obtained often calcinations in rotary kiln

o  The crushed raw materials are fed in to a ball mill and a little water is added
o   The steel balls in the ball mill pulverized the raw material which form a slurry with water
o   The slurry is passed through storage tanks where the proportioning of compound is adjusted to ensure desired chemical composition

3)    Define batching, what are all the methods of batching?
The measurement of materials for making concrete is known as batching. Methods of batching Volume batching Weigh batching
Interview Questions On Concrete Technology
4)    What are all the raw materials of the cement?
o  Lime
o  Silica
o  Alumina
o Calcium sulphate
o Iron oxide
o Magnesium oxide
o Sulphar ti oxide

5) Write notes on steam curing.
This approach is widely used in precast concrete the precast units are kept under warm and damp atmosphere of a steam chamber.

6) Define non destructive testing.
Non destructive testing is done on haredend concrete in non destructive testing methods soe properties of concrete are used to estimate strength durability ,elastic parameters,crack depth micro cracks and progressive deteriotion of concrete.

7) What are all the types of concrete test?
Slump test compressive test split tensile strength

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